Climate change, climate change, climate change. Have we heard enough or not?

No matter what side of the debate you're on, a question comes to mind. What can be done about it? If climate change does exist, is it man made and can it be "man-fixed"? From my childhood, all I remember is people talking about Global Cooling and how terrible it was. Now, all I hear is Global Warming, Global Warming Global Warming. Also, it has now been referred to "climate change", because some people can't decide weather it is actually heating up or if it is a normal cycle the earth goes through. Others feel it is a massive campaign to distribute Global wealth among other nations via the all to famous Cap and Trade bill that is being knocked around the white house. If you asked me, it's hot because it's summertime! After all, today while freezing on my way to work, the last thing I was thinking about was climate change.