So very dry.  So intensely parched.  The rain has not come.  The restrictions have.

The City of Amarillo's Drought Contingency Plan does not include cloud seeding or rain dances.  It does however begin with voluntary restrictions and gets more compulsory from there.

The restrictions go into effect when the city sees five days of water usage greater than 80 million gallons.

Welcome to day six where the city used over 92 million.  Day six was Tuesday.

The city has enacted voluntary watering schedules.  Odd addresses water on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.  Even addresses on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  There is no watering on Saturday.  Think of it as a new type of 'blue law'.

Mandatory Stage 2 restrictions start with five days consecutive use of over 85 million gallons.  We'll cross that bridge when we hit the dry lake bed.