Childers Place nursing home is a Bivins Community here in Amarillo.  They've got a musical problem and we are hoping you can help.

We take all kinds of calls on The Erwin Pawn Tradio show, Saturday's from 9am-noon on The New 940 KIXZ.  Sometimes people call in looking for other people.

Like friend of the program, Cora.  She's called in several times with volunteer needs at various nursing homes in our area.  She called in Saturday to discuss Childers Place and their shortage of musicians.

They have a couple of piano's and a violin but no one to play them for the residents of the community.  And they also need volunteers for their game nights to help officiate games between the residents.  Sometimes an impartial judge is just what's needed to maintain harmony!

If you play or know someone that does please consider giving Childers Place a call and volunteering your time.  Cora and The New 940 KIXZ would sure appreciate it!

Contact Cora: 806-340-5330