If you use a car seat from Target there is a recall you should know about. Most of the time we buy something and take for granted that it is safe and reliable, that is not always the case.

Child car seats are a definite must have for any parent and now it looks like if you bought one from Target in the last 5 years, you might need to take it back.

The CPSC has expanded a recall of car seats purchased at Target between 2005-2009.

While we don't know how many defective car seats are out there, it is definitely not worth the risk. I can only say that a major distributor like Target sells a TON of these products nationwide and you can bet that this is going to cost them a pretty penny.

If you purchased one of these car seats which can open unexpectedly and allow the child to slip out, you are asked to take them back to Target for a full refund.