12 Parents Embarrassing Their Kids on Facebook
There's a funny thing about parents and technology. That being a majority of moms and dads are pretty tech unsavvy without the help of us internet-obsessed younger folk. And while parental struggles can be frustrating at times, their attempts to get in the techy loop are mostly just hilari…
10 Instances of Alex Trebek Being a Total Jerk
If you don't watch 'Jeopardy!,' then you don't know that Alex Trebek can be a just a *touch* condescending to the contestants. Although to be fair, it's hard not to come across as condescending when you're basically telling people they're wrong over and over again …
Cops Called on Human-Sounding Screaming Goat
Earlier this year the internet brought something very important about goats to our attention. When the can-eating animals scream they sound an awful lot like a person who has either witnessed a great horror or suffered a devastating injury.
New Army Recruit Wants to Invade Middle Earth
There are lots of good reasons to join the military—patriotism, sense of public duty, chicks digging guys in uniform....The list goes on. One anonymous new recruit came up with a new one recently; in a handwritten note to his drill instructor, he detailed how he joined the army so his life cou…

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