Due to the severe drought in Texas, Canyon has made a decision to keep the water reduction measures they have introduced effective until winter.

“We need the (water use) numbers to stay down for a considerable period of time,” said Canyon Public Works Director Dan Reese. “They may have to stay down a month before we start thinking of getting out of the plan.”

Canyon is in stage 1 of its water reduction plan which has city officials asking businesses and residents to cut back on water usage when daily consumption reaches production capacity.

With 5 consecutive days of water consumption below 4.2 million gallons of usage, the city can come out of the Stage 1 plan.

“Technically, we could have come out of the plan but we knew it was coming right back,” Reese said. “Nothing says we have to get out. There’s a lot of flexibility in the plan.”

National Weather Service shows that the area has received 2.1 inches of rain this year and is normally at 11.8 inches at this same time on  average. Canyon and Amarillo both need to be mindful of water consumption to ensure there are no mandates on residents and businesses regarding water consumption.