If you are a patron of Amarillo's mass transit system, improvements to your wait for the bus may be coming to a stop near you.

Phase 4 of an Amarillo City Commission project is scheduled to begin in the middle of January.

This phase will see some bus stops in the city getting an upgrade of shelters and extra benches.  In all, eight shelters will be constructed and 29 benches will be added.

The project is mostly funded by a grant from the Federal Transit Administration while a small part comes from the city's general fund.

A completion date for the project has not been announced and will be affected by in-climate weather, should we see any.

The bus stops tabbed for shelters are:

1061 NW 18th

5241 S Washington

4610 Coulter

28 Western Plaza Drive

1400 Coulter (two shelters)

1301 S. Coulter