With little fanfare, Burger King has begun testing home delivery of Whoppers.

Four Burger Kings in the Washington, DC area have rolled out the program.  The delivery area is limited to within 10 minutes of each restaurant and guaranteed to happen in 30 minutes.

As a frustrated consumer of french fries in the Amarillo area my first thought was to wonder how they would keep the food fresh.  I mean, I can't get a fresh french fry at a drive-up, why should delivery be any better?  Burger King claims to have invented a new delivery container that keeps the food as fresh as it was when it left the restaurant.

I hope they are successful in their efforts.  I think home delivery of food is great.  There are few things Lubbock has that Amarillo does not.  One big one is Texas Steak Express.

Home steak delivery may sound crazy but they're doing rather well with it in Abilene, Lubbock, Midland, Odessa and San Angelo.  Wish somebody would bring one here.