Super Bowl XLVII is happening on Feb 3rd, it is the most watched sporting event of the year. People either tune in for the game or just to watch the interesting commercials. Anheuser-Busch will introduce their newest beer with a commercial during the Super Bowl.

During last years Super Bowl Anheuser-Busch ran a commercial to announce the release of their latest beer Bud Light Platinum. Well this year is no different for A-B which announced they are producing a commercial for their new beer Budweiser Black Crown to run during Super Bowl XLVII. Budweiser's Vice President had said "The Super Bowl is an ideal venue to launch something new," with over 100 million sports fan watching the game.

Budweiser's Black Crown's recipe was picked among six limited edition beers that had been created by the Budweiser brew-masters this past year. Having a positive feedback with consumers the golden amber lager is little bit darker and little bit more flavorful then the traditional Budweiser. Hoping to catch the attention of the broad range of beer drinkers out there, Budweiser Black Crown is said to be on sale nationwide by January, 21st.