A 103 Million dollar deal was settled upon as Panhandle officials signed a water deal with Billionaire Oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens. The water rights are about 443,000 acres in Roberts County. This was a very huge deal for the Panhandle.

I was an emotional ordeal as commissioner Ellen Robertson Green stated "I really love what Boone Pickens said about how it makes him feel good the water will be up here."

After trying to sell the rights to cities down state for years, a deal finally struck with the water authority in the panhandle. The deal took place at the Plainview Country Club where the drought is devastating like it is in much of the Texas Panhandle.

Pickens referred to Lake Meredith and the continuously lower level of the lake that has supplied so much of the area with water for so many years.

He stated "I look at that lake, and it's damn near gone," Pickens said. "The water is staying up here. I say that sincerely. The water is where it's supposed to be."