The Big Game was all that and a bag of chips.  And everybody is complaining about the wrong stuff!

I really enjoyed Super Bowl 45.  I'm not ready to give it instant classic status but am very thankful The Lombardi Trophy is back in Titletown.

And oh my the problems.  I think many of them are overblown and being used as Super Bowl talk fodder.  After all only about 20% of the audience understands football.  The rest were watching for the party, the commercials and maybe Fergie.  So what is the mainstream media going to focus on?  The negative of course.

You may have seen my post regarding the game and Cowboys stadium and I stick by my assessment that the building is just as grand as the game.  Obviously the seating fiasco where many folks were misplaced and 400 unlucky ones went unseated. I don't think any one person is to blame for the problem, certainly not Jerry Jones alone.  Mainly I think the NFL and the Arlington Fire Department seem to bear most of the responsibility.  You may not be aware that Jerry Jones(and any stadium owner) cedes control of the stadium days before the event.  Jerry had very little to do with it other than drawing the ire of the media.  He may be in even more trouble from upset fans who unaware paid for obstructive view seats. Big game, big mess.

If the NFL is going to reimburse folks they need to offer full compensation, not just triple value on the tickets.  How much is the NFL worth?  They should make it well worth these folks while, but I'm sure its all going to get worked out in front of a judge(as it should be).

One final seat note - 400 lost seats when you're dealing with over 100,000 is going to happen even in the best run universe.  That's a pretty small loss rate.

The other big deal is the now infamous flub by Christina Aguilera during the National Anthem.  I'm about as far away from being an Aquilera fan as a person could get.  I do thing the Aguilera bashing is out of hand.  I was impressed that she keep her composure and finished the song.  I bet less people saw it than saw than the great wardrobe malfunction a few years back. The only reason we keep hearing about it is they won't stop yakking about it!


And what exactly was that plastic piece of crap on Will.Iam's head?  As long as I live I'll never understand the Black Eyed Peas.  Although I did like Fergie's shoulder pads so at least I came away with one thing to like about her...barely.

Good game though! And there was no charge for the Avalanche.