Apple has officially unveiled the new iPhone 4s which for Apple fans is a long time coming. The iPhone has evolved since it's conception, but this one has had consumers licking their chops.

The new iPhone has a dual core processor twice as fast as the iPhone 4 and graphics chips that are fully seven times faster than its predecessor. Other than the huge upgrade to the processors and the camera, seems clonish to the iPhone 4.

Apple is touting some hopeful Talk to Text technology (that android has had in all its devices since 2.0) and a few other upgrades. Wireless cloud linking (which is also a staple of android for sometime) to sync music and data is also being showcased as a major plus.

All in all, looks like Apple put out another great product that will keep the Apple / Android battle going strong, especially since the general consumer is still in love with the Apple products.

This makes me curious to see how Android responds to this new leader of 'smart phones'.