If you have already have your fireworks for this year, the City Of Amarillo Officials are offering up an amnesty program in which they will come to your home and dispose of you fireworks for you. Well, that is awesome. I can't wait to call the city and have them dispose of my fireworks!

I don't know if you can catch my sarcasm. Trust me, I'm not going to be lighting any fireworks this year due to the drought and fire danger, but I definitely don't need the City to dispose of them for me. I will more than happily save them for next year.

I understand why they are doing this, they are trying to limit the number of people who will foolishly be lighting fireworks this year. With Temperatures reaching over 105 degrees Monday, this sets a dangerous stage for 4th of July. Fires have caused major damage in the Amarillo area and this has prompted officials to take extreme caution, so it looks like I will be saving fireworks till next year.