As much of the country deals with the aftermath of massive floods and tornado wreckage, Amarillo residents and land owners survey the damage resulting from the massive wildfires over the last week. Houses burned to the ground, multiple evacuations and the fear that it could continue keep Amarillo area residents on edge as the this week starts.

Timely reporting and quick updates helped save lives and keep people informed on the location and severity of these fires over the last week, but that it little comfort to those who lost their homes in these fires. 13 homes burned to the ground in the weeks blazes and today, homeowners are sifting through the ashes.

"The sheriff parked down there and walked up the street, telling us to evacuate," Johnny Scott said. "It came out of the canyon so quick I barely had time to let my dogs out."

Three people were injured in these fires, though no one was taken to the hospital. One civilian and a firefighter were treated for smoke inhalation and a heavy equipment operator was treated for an eye injury.

With the fire danger still very high, Amarillo residents pray for rain and hope that this is the end of the wildfires in the area.


Do you know anyone who was affected by the fires?