Rain was falling when most of us got up this morning but it stopped right after most of us got to work.  That will not be the case for the rest of the day.

Make a plan to get your car under shelter today or plan to keep your insurance reps number handy.

The entire Texas panhandle, north Texas and the South Plains are all in the target zone for severe storms and large hail throughout the day today and into tomorrow.

The storms are expected to track south to east as the day progresses.

The high Plains will also become the target of severe thunderstorms during the evening as humid air from the Gulf of Mexico clashes with much drier air over the Rockies. Denver, Colo., to Rapid City, S.D., are included in the zone at risk for nasty thunderstorms.

One of the greatest severe weather threats with the storms into tonight will be very large hail. Hailstones will have the potential to grow to the size of tennis balls and baseballs before falling out of the sky and slamming to the earth.