In an effort to catch more of the people that are committing robbery at Amarillo Toot N' Totum convenience stores, Amarillo Crime Stoppers teams up with Toot N' Totum and has formed an agreement to increase the reward dollar amount for anonymous information in reference to the Toot N' Totum store robbery from 01/08/2013, located at 4224 SW 34th Ave.  See, crime does pay, if you're the one being a snitch.

And snitch you should!  If you have information about the robbery, you should come forward with it, instead of just letting whoever committed the crime continue to walk the streets.  What if it's your grandma they rob next?  You'd wanna come out and say something then, wouldn't you?  Don't think of it as being a snitch, think of it as an investment in the future of you and your families/friends future!


Amarillo Crime Stoppers:

In cooperation with Toot 'n Totum, has an agreement to offer an increased reward for anonymous information in reference to the Toot 'n Totum store robbery from 01-08-13 located at 4224 SW 34th Ave. Our normal maximum reward is up to $1,000. In this case, the reward has been raised up to $3,000 thanks to a supplemental reward contract between Amarillo Crime Stoppers and Toot 'n Totum Food Stores. Photos and video of the robbery can be seen on our website at Unsolved Crime.

That's an increase of $2,000 for your help in this case!  A total of $3,000 that could be yours if you have any information about the robbery!  Anonymous information can be submitted in many different ways.


There's a 24/7 tip-line you can call anytime of the day, at 806-374-4400.



You can also submit a tip via text on your cell phone.  Text "ACS and your message" and send it to CRIMES or 274637.


And there's an app for it as well!  You can submit your tip with your iPhone or Android with the "Tip Submit" application on your phone.


View the original story release below:

Amarillo Police Dept:

On 1-8-13, at about 10:30 PM, officers responded to an armed robbery at the Toot ‘N Totum Store at 4224 SW 34th. The female employee on duty at the time of the robbery reported that she had walked out of a room in the store when she was approached by two suspects. Both appeared to be white males. One was about 5 ft 9 to 6 ft. tall, wearing a camouflage hooded jacket and gloves. The other was shorter, wearing a black hooded jacket, black pants, and gloves. The taller one demanded that she give them the money. He then struck her in the face with his fist, causing a minor injury to her mouth area. She went to the counter and opened the cash drawer. She then noticed that the smaller man wearing dark clothing was holding a handgun in his hand. The one that struck her followed her behind the counter. He took money from the register and took several packets of cigarettes. Both men then left the store and were last seen running west across Eddy Street. The victim did not require medical attention. There have been no arrests. Anyone with information on this robbery is asked to call the Amarillo Police Department or Crime Stoppers at 374-4400. Crime Stoppers callers remain anonymous and can qualify for a cash reward.