Authorities are trying to get the word out about a dangerous new cocktail some children and down-on-their-luck alcoholics are using to get drunk.  And it's killing them

Rubbing alcohol comes with some pretty clear warnings against consumption.  It is quite harmful if consumed internally.

Hand sanitizer uses good ol' fashioned grain alcohol.  You know, the kind your daddy used to consume to take the edge off the day.

Alcohol is a good oral sanitizer too.  And of course, since mouthwash is intended to be put in your mouth it's got plenty of Everclear in it.

Vagrant alcoholics have taken note and unfortunately some school kids have gotten the drift.  Mix the two together and you have an inebriating cocktail that can be purchased long before the age of 21.

After two deaths in Albuquerque due to consumption of the homemade Listerclean cocktails authorities are sending out the word.  Hand sanitizer has a scary list of things in it that even a moonshiner wouldn't put in his illicit brew.

These two items while seemingly innocuous are actually very dangerous and should be monitored by parents and their use by children should be carefully monitored.

Your child does not need an unscrupulous adult to get drunk.