The Amarillo Bulls went up two games to none early in the 2013 NAHL National Championship series. Then on Sunday their opponent the Wenatchee Wild came back and forced a game 4 beating the bulls 7-0.

The Bulls have been twice to the National Championship in the past 2 years and have come up short. On Monday they came out with a vengeance and the 2013 Robertson Cup trophy on their minds.

The Bulls came out aggressive from the very beginning, in the end they shot the puck 24 times compared to Wenatchee's 16. Bulls goalie Paul Berrafato blocked all 16 shots, he was announced today to the Easton All-Tournament team.

Your Amarillo Bulls won 5-0 to win their first ever NAHL Robertson Cup National Championship. They will arrive in Amarillo around 5:30p today to the east-side of the Amarillo Civic Center for a city wide celebration.