With the economy still struggling, everyone trying to find a little extra cash for Christmas and the looming Fiscal Cliff, local charities have seen a drop in donations during this most needy time of year.

My bold prediction: next year the Salvation Army will be accepting debit cards.  People just don't carry money like they used to and that means less change and cash to drop in those ubiquitous Salvation Army red kettles manned by bell ringers.  The charity has seen a significant drop in donations this year.

And they aren't the only local charity struggling for donations.

Toys for Tots is also experiencing a drop in donations of both toys and money.  There are a couple of events this weekend to help raise awareness.  There's a pool tournament at Fast Eddie's, Saturday at 1pm.  And Tejano Wild West is hosting a fundraising concert at 9pm on Sunday.

And even the High Plains Food Bank is having a bit of trouble.  While monetary donations have been good, donations of food has been down.

If you haven't done your part to help the less fortunate this holiday season make it a point to at least grab some change and drop in one of those red kettles.