It is no secret that crime has been on the rise here in Amarillo.  Every morning we wake up to a new robbery or murder.  Well, this morning I woke up to the news that a man died while in police custody. 

Just after 3:30 am police began to pursue a suspicious vehicle around 15th and south Harrison.  A chase began but was called off due to safety concerns.  A little later, the vehicle was spotted around the same area and a second chase began but was also called off.

Well, eventually police found the suspect and a third chase began.  The suspect then took off on foot and was confronted near the Boulevard and north Harrison. He soon gave up and was taken into custody.

Paramedics were on scene and noticed that the male suspect seemed to be having medical issues.  He then died while in police custody.  An autopsy has been ordered to find out exactly what happened and will be take place tomorrow morning in Lubbock.

This whole story is bizarre.  I have seen many police chases that seemed to question safety, but they continued.  I guess we'll have to wait for the full story to come out.  APD is asking anyone who has any information on this please contact Special Crimes Unit at 378-9468.