A 9 year old missing Indiana girl was found dead and a friend of the family has been charged with murder. 39 year old Mike Plumadore was arrested late Monday evening.

Plumadore is scheduled to appear in court on today on charges of murder. FBI descended on his mobile home on Monday. This mobile home is said to be a haven for sex offenders. While Plumadore is not a convicted sex offender, he has been convicted of trespassing and assault.

Saturday night, more than 100 rescue workers searched for Aliahna around the mobile home park, where she had been seen last. FBI and search dogs were at the park and the girls house on Monday.

The girl was said to have hearing and vision problems along with attention deficit disorder. She also had emotional problems that the mother told authorities about. Aliahna had been staying with the friend because the mother had the flu and the step father worked nights.

"She's never wandered off," Souders said. "She's never done anything like this before."