Having a sick child is the worst thing that can happen.  Especially if they are running a fever and miserable.  Here are five tips to help lower your child's temperature without having to take a trip to the doctor.

Most doctors say that there is nothing they can do for your child unless the fever last several days or is about 103.5.  So here are a few things that have helped me with my son.

Tylenol or Motrin

Be sure to read the dosage correctly and begin giving it to your child right away.  A lot of people say to alternate them, but I don't want to risk anything so I keep to one.

No Blankets/Less Clothing

When you have a fever, your body is overheating.  Do not bundle up your kids because this will just keep their bodies hot.  If a blanket is needed, keep it a thin sheet.  Also, take off as much clothes as possible.  Maybe try putting them in pajama shorts.

Plenty of Fluids/Ice Chips

It is very important to keep your child hydrated so make sure to give them lots of fluids.  Some good drinks are Pedialyte, Gatorade, or tea.

Ice Packs/Popsicles.

I always have at least one ice pack in the freezer.  You can put the ice pack on your child's forehead or back of the neck and help keep them cool.  I

Ice Chips/Popsicles

This is a perfect way to cool down your kids.  Most kids with a fever have little or no appetite.  Give them a cup of ice chips or a nice cool Popsicle.  This will get them something in their belly and be nice and refreshing.

 Cool Bath

If nothing seems to be working, try giving your child a cool bath.  Being in the cool water will help his whole body cool down.  Don't make it cold and do not give them an ice bath because this could cause hypothermia.

I hate it when my son is sick.  He just lays there without energy and full of misery.  I try to do everything I can to help him feel better.  Hopefully this will help the next time your kids are running a fever.