SAN ANTONIO (AP) — Two San Antonio brothers facing sexual exploitation counts have been charged with killing one sibling's 10-year-old daughter, the girl's mother and a friend.

Prosecutors say the stabbed bodies were found during a 2011 house fire a few days before the brothers faced court appearances related to alleged abuse of the girl.

A grand jury Tuesday indicted 32-year-old Conrad Ochoa and 37-year-old Baron Ochoa on capital murder counts. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.

The victims were Samvastion "Sammie" Ochoa, her 29-year-old mother Rebecca "Veggie" Gonzales and their 41-year-old roommate Pamela Wenske.

Conrad Baron is the girl's father. He previously was charged with possession of child pornography. Baron Ochoa was charged with continuous sexual abuse of a child.

Attorneys for the jailed brothers didn't immediately comment.